Catawba Regional Hospice Announces New Name

For more than four decades, end-of-life care in western North Carolina has been defined by Catawba Regional Hospice. As one of the state’s three original hospice providers, CRH has created and developed new models of care to constantly improve quality of life for patients, their families, and the communities the organization serves.

Thanks to such experience and longevity – and to unify the many programs it has established to expand care regionally and according to need – Catawba Regional Hospice is coordinating its 40th anniversary celebration with a new name that better reflects its scope of services.

Carolina Caring, as the organization will now be known, remains an independent, community-based provider of exceptional health care. The primary difference is that people will now only need to make one request for a slate of programs that offer relief from chronic conditions, serious illnesses, and the challenges they bring. From palliative medicine and PACE (Program for All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) programs to hospice care and grief counseling, Carolina Caring is now poised to provide a continuum of care that will streamline responsiveness and service. Already, Carolina Caring accommodates more than 1000 patients and families each day through these programs.

The organization’s new name honors the foundation of caring that began with a group of passionate volunteers in 1979 and now manifests itself in the compassion that only a community-based organization can deliver. As an award-winning, nationally recognized provider of health care services, Carolina Caring features two campuses, a staff of 275 professionals, more than 400 volunteers, and a service area of 12 counties populated by multiple offices and a clinical staff who meet patients according to the demands of their diagnoses.

President and CEO David Cook finds satisfaction in being able to build on the organization’s substantial experience to expand services that meet the community’s needs. He states, “Each time Carolina Caring has broadened its reach or implemented new programs has been in response to requests by partners, residents, or local agencies – in conjunction with our own awareness of the needs within our service area. We envision how we can boost quality of life, and we accomplish it by remaining true to our mission and the people who entrust us with their care.”

Kelly Tate, vice-president of community relations, reiterates those meaningful connections, saying, “We are deeply rooted in the counties we serve, and those relationships matter greatly to us. Our staff and volunteers are honored to live, work, and serve our neighbors at their greatest points of need.”

And D’Ann Grell, board chair of Carolina Caring, echoes that underlying impulse, sharing, “Our services underscore a holistic approach to care that’s based on the unique needs of those we attend to. I’m truly impressed by the compassion our wonderful staff members provide to the community. It’s what people deserve, and it’s what we work hard to give them with each visit and each conversation.”

To speak to someone for information about Carolina Caring, please call 828.466.0466.