Carolina Caring Launches Referral App to Improve Access to Care


Carolina Caring recently premiered its new patient-referral app for smartphones as part of a continuing and dedicated effort to improve health care through technology.

As a community-based health care organization, Carolina Caring often hears that people wish they'd known about hospice earlier in order to maximize services for loved ones. The Carolina Caring Referral app puts knowledge directly in the hands of users and allows them to make informed decisions for individuals challenged by advanced illness.

The app is designed to enhance access especially for physicians. It offers details about who can benefit from hospice services based on their particular medical diagnosis, and it shares the appropriate admissions criteria and levels of care based on a patient's condition.

The general public may also use the app, which provides an overview of Carolina Caring's programs and facilities, letting people explore what Hospice offers from the comfort of their own homes.

Ultimately, the app invites users to contact Carolina Caring and set up a consultation to see how a patient who's recommended might find relief and gain better quality of life.

Dave Cook, Carolina Caring President and CEO, lauds the referral app for helping simplify the process of referring a patient for medical, spiritual, and emotional support.

"The Carolina Caring Referral app joins our telehealth program in enhancing the care we can provide to patients and families through technology. With a few taps of the screen, folks can reach out to us for information, for photos and video, and to request support. Our primary objective is to bring comfort to those we serve, and this app offers yet another innovative way to achieve that goal."

The Carolina Caring Referral app was created in collaboration with health care organizations across the country to help ensure the long-term success of community-based hospice providers.

The app is available by searching for 'Carolina Caring' at the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. It's a free download.