Community Engagement and Support

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Carolina Caring realizes that end-of-life care extends well beyond a patient’s death. Grief affects families, caregivers, churches, and the greater community in myriad ways. With that reach in mind, we strive to foster discussions about death, dying, mourning, and healing in spaces well beyond our own walls.


Answering questions at a community fair.

Answering questions at a community fair.

Carolina Caring seeks out and nurtures connections with people and groups who want a greater awareness of how we can help enriches the human experience. Churches, synagogues, and temples maintain an intimate understanding of the challenges of managing a serious illness and frequently offer encouragement for our efforts, both materially and spiritually. Our Hall of Faith acknowledges these expressions of support. For our part, we offer parishioners guidance and comfort in the face of advanced illness, while also serving as a source of trusted information. Our helpful presentations are just as relevant to civic groups, businesses, and schools, and we welcome the opportunity to share our philosophy of care with anyone who desires to know more about the benefits that Carolina Caring can bring.

Center for Grief & Healing

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Our Center for Grief & Healing addresses loss on a variety of fronts, offering one-on-one counseling to patients and families while also coordinating grief workshops and support groups for bereaved survivors who find solace in sharing environments. The Center also works with people in our communities who are not explicitly served by Hospice but are dealing with issues of grief. These can be connected to school events, civic happenings, or local crises.

Brighter Days Grief Camp

Roundly beloved, our Brighter Days Grief Camps allow children and teens to escape their day-to-day lives while playing, laughing, and talking about loss freely and genuinely. Staffed by trained counselors and volunteers, the grief camps promote healing through conversation, crafts, and camaraderie. They also give youngsters the opportunity to confront their feelings openly, a practice that positions them for healthy future discussions about grief and loss.