Partnering with Physicians

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Carolina Caring partners with a host of hospitals, physician practices, medical offices, and community facilities in our 12-county service area, ensuring that every person in need of hospice care is given the utmost attention and support.

We find great worth in a physician’s direct knowledge of his or her patients; it proves invaluable when determining at which point hospice care is appropriate. To assist in the evaluation, we provide a set of tools:

Eligibility Criteria from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Free Smartphone Referral App that supplies reference materials and allows a referral to be made quickly, repeatedly, securely, and wirelessly. 
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Quick Access to our clinical outreach team and our intake and admissions professionals.
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Center for Leadership & Learning

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Carolina Caring’s Center for Leadership & Learning takes our health care knowledge and awareness and delivers them to other industry agencies, practices, and organizations. As a result, we make education more accessible and bring a greater understanding of care and compassion to our partners and colleagues. In fact, the programs we provide on a regular basis allow many health care professionals in our service area to conveniently earn and update their credentials.

  • Regional and national workshops are available to health care professionals. Our education team has presented programs on local, state, and national levels and is committed to world-class care through clinical expertise. 
  • Many of our workshops satisfy continuing education credit for nurses, social workers, and nursing assistants. 
  • Carolina Caring offers CPR classes (initial and renewal) for health care professionals at both of our campuses or at your organization. For details, call 828.466.0466 or email