Palliative Medicine

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Carolina Caring's palliative medicine is a program of care designed to support you as a person. If you are dealing with a serious illness that limits your daily activities and would like support and guidance on making life easier, palliative medicine can help.

Carolina Caring clinicians work closely with you to manage and treat the physical symptoms caused by your illness. At the same time, we recognize and address any social, emotional, or spiritual needs you and your family may have.

Carolina Caring also works in partnership with your doctor and is designed to complement the care you currently receive, along with any treatments your doctor has ordered adding an extra layer of ongoing, supportive care.

Palliative medicine's goals are simple:

  • To give patients better quality of life by managing their symptoms
  • To help patients make important medical decisions
  • To decrease trips to the emergency room and cut down on hospitalizations

For more information about Carolina Caring's palliative medicine program or to make a referral, call 828.464.9459.