Circle of Life Society

How will you be remembered? What will your legacy be?

You have the power to strengthen Carolina Caring's mission for many years to come. When you choose to include Hospice in your estate plan, you make a loving commitment to nurture exceptional end-of-life care in your community. More than a good deed, your action becomes an investment in the lives of people you know and love.

When you commit to extending hospice care beyond your own lifetime, you provide a gift without measure. Your simple gesture becomes a blessing of peace, reassurance, and reconciliation.

Your decision to make care available to others also gives rise to a pattern of selflessness and compassion, one that embraces patients, families, and loved ones in a common cause, a group effort, a joint endeavor, a circle of life.

If you've been touched by our care, please consider helping us make its comforts available to everyone in need.

Member benefits include:

  • Special recognition on a commemorative brick placed in our Pathways of Promise.

  • A small token of our appreciation.

  • Invitation to special events.

  • Name listing in publications (with permission).

If interested in becoming a member of the Circle of Life Society please contact Lorissa Vines, Director of Development at 828.466.0466, ext. 2143 or email at